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Cheryl has put together the best information on the most prevalent topics from consent, to resilience, to trauma and mental health. Each course brings you engaging material, learning opportunities, and the best practices to help you live your life to the fullest.
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Taught by Registered Psychotherapist and Author Cheryl M. Bradshaw 

Quality Content

Gathered from the top research in the field and brought together with best practices, you can count on the quality of content

In-Depth Learning Opportunities

Challenging you to think deeper and apply concepts in new ways, Cheryl brings you in touch with new ways to learn about yourself and the world

Engaging Videos and Worksheets

With a background in teaching, Cheryl brings a unique approach to counselling and psychotherapy topics - with a focus on making learning and memory as easy as possible

Learn At Your Own Pace

Online learning format leaves the control at your fingertips to pause, rewind, and play back at any point during your learning journey.

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